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Alex Pandian

An utterly silly story line, supported by equally pitiful treatment, the film, directed by Suraj, relies heavily on the typical old, time-and-tested masala items. The kind of attitude and values the film has towards women, is highly objectionable, especially coming at this point of time in the country. The fight scenes reminds you of the 70s and 80s action sequences but with a little more polish, the songs and especially the choreography are interesting, but the shot taking and editing again reminds of you of older movies.

Alex Pandian starts with a good but overdone and overlong chase and fight sequence on the railway tracks and then literally settles down to a series of elaborate comedy sequences at Santhanam’s house, where Karti has taken refuge. Santhanam has a tough time, trying to prevent his three grown up sisters ogling at Karthi at any given opportunity. Scripted as a comedy, the sequences borders on cheap titillation and are apparently meant to be a ‘treat’ for both male and female audiences. Karthi too plays to the gallery as a desirable flirt. But a loose screen play, half-baked performances and lousy dialogues makes the scenes downright pathetic. This is the first time, I felt, Santhanam is distinctly uncomfortable doing his comedy scenes. In my opinion, the idea of introducing Santhanam’s house itself was a miscalculation from the script point of view. Even the comedy sequences at Karthi’s forest hideout, where a forest ranger is introduced and held captive along with the girl, are awful and unending.

The plot has Alex Pandian (Karthi) help a girl (Anushka) being chased by the thugs of a NRI businessman,  Alvin (Milind Soman). While escaping, they jump into the river and are rescued by villagers, downstream. While the girl is treated at a Sidha clinic, Alex is given refuge in the household of Santhanam by his mother. But Santhanam is highly protective of his 3 grown up sisters, and finds Alex’s attractive presence in the house highly problematic. Alvin and his thugs somehow manage to find out Alex and the girl’s hiding place and they take the girl away. But Alex once again saves the girl and then we come to know the background of the story. Alvin wants to distribute a huge quantity of antibiotics, for the poor in Tamil Nadu. But an honest Chief Minister rejects his proposal proving the drug is dangerous and that it is already banned in the US. Alvin decides to kidnap the CM’s daughter (yes, it’s Anushka) to force him to sign the proposal…

Karthi has worked hard to create an image of a desirably successful commercial film actor and even beyond. He has started doing this in a very calculated manner, even with his last film Saguni. Even in his real life, he has already started an NGO to help people in need. Here, he comes across extremely well in the fight sequences and is acceptable enough in his good samaritan image, but looks extremely clumsy in the dance and romantic scenes.

It is a different matter that the film’s title is also the name of Rajinikanth’s character in the block buster Moondru Mugam, made in 1982. Maybe, the producers were desperately hoping the film will sell at least for the public memory of Rajinikanth’s character as Alex Pandian in that film. As of now, it looks an uphill task for the film to sustain at the box-office.


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