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Singh is Bliing

Goofy but endearing Punjab Da Puttar, Raftar Singh (Akshay Kumar), helps Romanian resident, Sara (Amy Jackson), reunite with her mother, while defeating the baddy, Mark (Kay Kay Menon), who covets her, and of course, winning her in the process.

Yes, Singh is Bliing is little more than corny, silly and even stupid fluff, but it makes no pretentious of being anything else. And it has to be said, there is actually some sort of unique method to its madness and some of its whacky humor, gasp, actually works.

There is nothing to really comment on the plot or screenplay in a film of this sort nor is it asking for any analysis. Most of the scenes are little more than juvenile gags picked up from the internet and Whatsapp and like I said, surprise, surprise some do work. And as is director Prabhudheva’s wont, there is enough humor attempted keeping the male audiences and male genitals in mind, so of course we have enough supposedly funny moments around getting whacked in the nuts with coconuts as part of Lara Dutta’s sleepwalking (I kid you not!) or Akshay’s reaction as to what’s going on in his pants when Amy Jackson sits on his lap and drives the car at super speed in an action sequence!

Akshay has been through this routine with Katrina Kaif in 2008 (Singh is Kinng) and he goes through it seven years later with energy intact. The one big difference this time is Amy Jackson. While Akshay has his moments, he sportingly lets her take centre-stage in their scenes together and even dominate the fight sequences, while he looks on zapped. And boy, does she kick ass convincingly! So, she can’t really act but to have a female character who can take care of herself is a big thing for mainstream Hindi cinema. Unfortunately, this doesn’t manifest itself into the climax as there she is reduced to a stereotypical damsel in distress, whereas involving her in the final fight would have been but natural. But no, it’s Akshay’s turban that’s challenged and he must beat 20 odd men by himself. So, finally its status quo with a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do and ultimately all ‘honorable’ intentions of women empowerment and gender equality can only go just there and no more. And of course, the strong maiden still has to do her bit for the male gaze and sizzle for them in a bright red swimsuit in Goa!

Of the supporting cast, Lara Dutta as a ditzy translator actually shows some really good comic timing, but Kay Kay Menon is disastrous as the villain and never appears formidable enough at any stage, while being totally lost as to how to pitch his performance in a  film of this sort. And was that Kunal Kapoor on screen as Amy Jackson’s father?!

Dudley’s camerawork gives the film a lavish look – especially the portions in Romania – and while the songs are so-so, they’ve kept Amy Jackson’s lip sync parts in English, in keeping with her character who speaks only English. Wah, someone actually thought of this!

All in all, ultimately Singh is Bliing follows the classic template of the so-called idiotic leave-your-brains-at-home entertainer and yes, even has its moments but that’s about it.




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    1. Apologies for the delay. It’s finally up. Undoubtedly a better movie. As for a better review, please read and decide.

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