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Preview: Singam

Singam is easily one of the most awaited Tamil films with it being Suriya’s 25th film and Director Hari’s 10th film. This is their third film together following Aaru (2005) and Vel (2007) and both are hoping for a hat-trick of successes with each other. The film sees Suriya play a cop for the second time following his iconic performance in Kaakha Kaakha, now being re-made in Hindi with John Abraham. The star and director both talk about the film.

“Initially both Hari and I did not want to do a cop film since my role as a policeman in Kaakha Kaakha and Saamy, the cop film directed by Hari, are still fresh in the minds of the audience. However, I liked the sketch he gave me; he spent a full day giving me the narration scene by scene and explained the whole character and this attracted me. I realized this role was completely different,” begins Suriya.

Hari concurs. “Both Suriya and I feared that our previous cop films would be compared withSingam but when the screenplay was ready, it gave us confidence. In Saamy, the protagonist entered the profession for the love of it but here he enters as his father wants him to, though he later comes to like it. This is not just an action film but will also have family sentiments and comedy. The story travels through Nallur near Tuticorin and ends in Andhra Pradesh and we shot for about 108 days. I like shooting in real locations. In one instance, we converted an entire village, Pottalur, to look like one in Andhra and brought in a particular sand to give it that feel.”

Elaborating on his role, Suriya says, “I play Duraisingam, an honest cop who enjoys the little pleasures of his life – the beauty of his village, his mother’s cooking, the Tamirabarani river. He does not crave to live in a city. Instead of filing cases, in many instances, he settles disputes amicably. The character is realistic and natural; any man would react the way the cop does to the given situation and it’s not like the cop is given a superpower compared to ordinary citizens nor is he made out as a macho person. However, he is brave in whatever he faces.”

The most striking aspect of the film is Suriya’s handlebar moustache which is sure to spawn a following. He says, “The moustache is similar to the ones sported by men in the Tuticorin area. Though I am a Kamal Sir fan, I wanted it to be different from what he sported and so this is a new blend.” On being asked if he had done any homework for the role, he replied that, “Since I had already done my homework on the cop role in Kaakha Kaakha, I did not have to do it here.”

Speaking of his co-stars, Suriya says, “Anushka has given a realistic performance and looks good in whatever she wears. And It was a challenge to work with Prakash Raj, a two time National Award Winner.”

“Usually, I am nervous before my films release, but this time I am not. I have positive vibrations,” Suriya concludes.

Singam releases on May 28, 2010.


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