Incomplete Films: Sajan Ki Galiyan

If there is one director Sadhana worked with extensively, it was Raj Khosla. The two teamed up for four films – Ek Musafir Ek Hasina (1962) and Khosla’s unforgettable mystery trilogy with the actress – Woh Kaun Thi? (1964), Mera Saaya (1966) and Anita (1967).

Few know that sometime in the 1960s, there was a fifth film the director-actress were working on, Sajan Ki Galiyan. Produced by cinematographer Fali Mistry (Guide, Hare Rama Hare Krishna), the film starred Sadhana with Dev Anand in what would have been their third film together – the first in color – following Hum Dono (1961) and Asli Naqli (1962).

Dev Anand and Sadhana in Sajan Ki Galiyan

The film, besides Sadhana and Dev Saab, was to be the launchpad of Zaheeda, Nargis’ niece.  In an interview, Zaheeda recalls that her aunt was dead against her working in films but reluctantly agreed when Zaheeda herself requested her that she wanted to give acting a go to see what it was all about. And so, Zaheeda was cast in a key role of a princess in Sajan Ki Galiyan.  Though Zaheeda’s father was hesitant as to how much of an impact his daughter would make with Sadhana already in the film as its main heroine, Zaheeda assured him that if she were to make it as an actress, she would anyway.

The music of Sajan Ki Galiyan was being composed by Shankar-Jaikishan. Fortunately (or unfortunately as one rues what might have been), two songs from the film can now be viewed on YouTube. One is the deliciously romantic Mohammed Rafi solo, Humne Jinke Khwab Sajaye, a signature S-J composition written by Hasrat Jaipuri.

The other clip is a short scene and a song featuring Dev Saab, Sadhana and Zaheeda – Hum Khoob Jaante Hain Kya Dil Mein Hai Tumhare, sung by Mohammed Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur and Geeta Dutt. These clips are featured in Film Hi Film (1983), which wove scenes from incomplete films into the story line of an old-time filmmaker (Pran) training newcomers for a film he is making in a bid to recapture his long lost glory. Pran coaches them for the intended movie by showing them various scenes from unfinished films. Hence, the clip below has a little insert of the ‘actors to be’ watching the film in between the scene and the song.

Interestingly, while Sadhana would never team up with Dev Anand again, Zaheeda would go on to work with him in two films, Prem Pujari (1970) and Gambler (1971).

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  1. Its Saddening that sajan Ke Galiyan Film did not Matrialise.Music and the ssings given by Shanke Jaikishan Just Superb
    Why the File was Shelved.What are the real Reassons? Now can this Film be taken forard ny somebody in the film world

    Prof K S Sridharan

    1. We, the Shanker Jaikishen fans too are desperate to know about this film and its other songs as well many films in which Shanker Jaikishen were giviing music. One of very prominent film was Paani for which Shanker Jaikishen recorded a ghazal in the voice of Begum Akhtar. Thier film Ganga Aur Geeta was complete, but could not be released. Naseeb Ki Baat, Nagina (sanjay khan and Leena) too could not see light of silver screen. Some enthusiasts like B Subhash who had produced Film Hi Film can do some help in unearthing these projects.

  2. It is Saddening that the Filem Sajan Ke Galiyan was Shelved and never released as on Today
    Reasons are Not Clear why that had happened? The 2 songs when heard found to be Melodious
    and Striking with Audience.It is Reallya Blunder that Producer and Director of the Film taking that
    decision.It is Not sure whether they were influenced by the actors ( Hero / Heroine)

    BUT if one Look at what happened further : Devanand Sahep PProduced Several Films with different Young Actresses
    and himself in the lead role.It casts a Doubt whether the Main Actress of the Film had aired her views
    on the appearance and age differences between the Hero and Heroines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish somebody like AAMIR Khan can think of and explore to take up the film and complete the same
    with the help of Modern Graphics and Animation Techniques

    1. I agree somebody should complete it with animation -I thought about this as well and also Dagdar babu with jaya- Dharmendra needs to be revived -also Picnic with Sadhana-Gurudutt

  3. Dear Karan, it was wonderful to hear your erudite discussion about Raj Khosla (today) along with cinephiles/filmmakers and writers, and musician and biographer, and members of his family (Courtesy: FTII Official). Your take on Mera Gaon Mera Desh as prefiguring Sholay was insightful, as also your analysis of Kuchhe Dhaage and Khosla’s intricate and nuanced mise-en-scene. Your analysis of his song picturizations, particularly the iconic “Bindiya Chamkegi,” was compelling regarding his camera movements. As I read this piece on Sajan Ki Galiyan, it sheds light on your investment in the history of Indian cinema and meticulous attention to details regarding significant works/directors. Thank you for recovering the details regarding such a rare (unfinished) film.

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