Dupetta: The Songs and the Film!

The songs of the Pakistani film Dupetta (1952) that released 63 years ago this day in Lahore continue to enthrall listeners even today. The film, starring Noor Jehan, Ajay Kumar and Sudhir, had 8 songs composed by Feroz Nizami, all 8 being Noor Jehan solos! The film was the third collaboration between Noor Jehan and Nizami following Jugnu (1947) and the Punjabi film, Chan Wey (1951), leading to a successful musical hat-trick between the two!

Here are all the songs of Dupetta. On viewing them, you’ll come to know why exactly they’re so special and why they’ve endured so well down the years. Those familiar with Chandni Raaten will know where the first remix in Indian pop came from and Tamil film buffs would recognize the original of Poomalai, Sawariya Tohe Koi Pukare!

If after all this, you want to watch the complete film, here it is!

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