A Chair as a Chair…

Wonder if there is anything called an objective reality unless of course you are calling a ‘chair’ as a ‘chair’ without any strings attached. Most times it becomes kind of difficult to separate the raw physicality of a particular thing or an event and the meaning that we normally attach to it. The meaning itself, then, becomes the reality.

Thus, for some, a film that does not have a mainstream theatrical release can mean that it has absolutely no value at all. Yet, many people hold in high esteem several films that have not been beamed on the commercial silver screen. An out of focus shot, to some, can mean that there is a level of technical incompetence involved. But for some others it could also be a valid and innovative means of expression.

If I insist that my interpretation itself is the absolute objective reality, I would then probably cut a sorry figure. I could also be stepping on to the toes of someone else. There would then be reactions and in extreme conditions, blood spilled. It is a different matter if I want it all to happen. But I don’t.

The key, I would guess, would be to be aware of any collapse between the two, as and when it occurs.

A tall order… but perhaps well worth a try.

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