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Teraa Surroorr

A professional hitman, Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya), travels to Ireland to save his estranged fiancé, Tara (Farah Karimaee), who is framed on possession of drugs and languishes in a Dublin jail.

To be it simply upfront, Teraa Surroorr is one of the worst films I’ve seen in recent times and is quite the waste of  time and money.

There is hardly any redeeming factor in this silly tale directed by Shawn Arranha, which falls flat on most fronts. The childish screenplay is dumbed down, obvious and inane, the dialogues are clunky and corny, some of the scenes are laughable and stupidly improbable, the characters are underwritten, and the acting (barring Naseeruddin Shah to an extent in a ridiculous role) is uniformly pathetic. Both Reshammiya and Karimaee make for an awfully deadpan, wooden couple, sharing no chemistry whatsoever while some unintended hilarity is provided by the villain, who adds all the ham, bacon and sausage he can in his one ‘dramactic’ scene to try and make up for all the non-acting in rest of the film.

The technicalities, barring some admittedly catchy music (Reshammiya should stick to composing), are extremely weak as well. As against on-location filming in Ireland where, like India, traffic moves on the left, transition shots of what is supposed to be Dublin are inserted of some other country where the traffic moves on the right. Yes, it’s that tacky.

The only people who are are likely to be happy with this film, barring the producers who have apparently recovered their entire money on the music and satellite sales, are probably the organizers of India’s ‘Razzie’ awards, The Ghantas and the Golden Kelas. Teraa Surroorr has just made their task that much easier next year.


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