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What if one day went missing from your life asks Sunday. What if one movie (yes, Sunday) went missing from your life, you ask. The answer is…not a thing. In fact, maybe your life was better off without watching this moronic film, which is unable to decide whether it is a comedy or a thriller and finally ends up as being neither.

The screenplay of Sunday is by three people, each of whom was probably thinking of a different film as he wrote. The end result sees the film as just a collage of random scenes thinly connected to a flimsy and stupid storyline. The plot, for what its worth, looks at dubbing artiste for cartoon films, Seher (Ayesha Takia), who has no memories of the events of a single day (Sunday) in her life. As her fiancé Rajvir (Ajay Devgn), a corrupt cop, tries to piece the mystery together it transpires that maybe Seher is guilty of murder…

If you take the film as a comedy, barring Arshad Warsi and Irrfan Khan as the cab driver and struggling actor respectively, the mostly unfunny film doesn’t work at all and if a thriller, then the film is woefully short of thrills. There is no coherence at all in the film or its narrative flow, making it Rohit Shetty’s weakest film. Logic and loopholes and convenient coincidences abound. OK, Ayesha Takia dubs for cartoon films – but how is that connected to the plot? How is it that all the main characters happened to be conveniently driving around the streets of Delhi that night? How… ah well, you get the picture.

The acting department, as mentioned above, is largely salvaged only by Arshad Warsi and Irrfan Khan who rise above the events unfolding on screen and gamely try and breathe some life into the film with some fine comic timing and yes, even the occasional witty banter. Ayesha Takia looks adequately confused for most of the film as she has to while Ajay Devgn is starting to be repetitive now. It’s high time the actor re-invent himself now. Mukesh Tiwari does manage to raise a laugh or two as Ajay’s sidekick and fellow cop but Ali Asgar’s hamming in the climax has to be seen to be believed!

Technically and musically too, the film is nothing to write home about.

All in all, avoidable.


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