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Student Of The Year 2

Want to make hero feel bad? Let his girlfriend cheat on him
Want to make heroine feel bad? Give her a devil of a father and write in a dead mother
Want to make hero feel good? Take one girlfriend away and give back two of them
Want to make heroine feel good? Take one girlfriend away and give her the hero
Want to add drama? Break hero’s hand at a critical time in a school kabaddi game
Want to make the audience feel good? Show last second kabaddi victory with an unbelievable finish

Welcome to the world of Student of the Year 2. A showcase for Tiger Shroff, before anything else. Fighting, running, leaping, dancing – he’s doing it in almost every scene of the film. He’s just unbeatable. He plays Rohan – ‘Ro’, it seems – a local Dehradhun lad with a singular dream – enroll in the fantastically setup Saint Teresa high school and win the Student of the Year trophy. Within this ambition director Punit Malhotra attempts to pack in a world of drama. Action, emotions, romance, the works. There is no room for subtlety here. Unfortunately, none of it works.

It is a poor film because it is unable to connect with its audience despite its trappings, unlike its prequel. The first film had a similar setting, with very little rooted in reality. It is the ability of Karan Johar, a filmmaker who loves commercial cinema but has always been able to create genuine melodrama, that is missing in the sequel. The writers and the filmmaker are unable to extract one genuine scene or moment of honesty from the script and from the actors.

It’s time the franchise graduates to something meaningful.


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