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<Vikas Bahl in the living room of the Kapoors>

Vikas: So Shahid, what type of movie do you want to do now?

Shahid: Something fun yaar, where I don’t have to act. Haider ne pura juice nikal diya, like totally.

Vikas: Hmmm, but this will release right after your wedding so…

Shahid: Oh ya. Then make sure that I look like totally cool. Like B&J audience think I’m still hot, so what if I’m married.

Vikas: B&J?

Shahid: Buddhe aur jawan yaar.

Vikas: Hmmm…<imagining the “oh what a hottie hottie” scene>

<In walks Pankaj Kapoor>

Vikas: Hello sir, how are you?

Pankaj: Arrey Vicky, leave him alone with his wife. Kuch mere par banao yaar. After Queen, I want to be your next King <guffaws>

Vikas: Sure sir. We’ll make you his father in the movie.

Pankaj: No, I’m tired being his father. Give me more!

Vikas: Ok sir, I’ll put you in a love triangle…I’ll give you as many scenes with the heroine as Shahid.

Pankaj: Who’s the heroine? <tinkle in his eyes>

<In walks Sanah Kapoor eating a cupcake>

Sanah: Daddy, I want to be the heroine!

Pankaj: Sure beta…

Vikas: But how? <eyeing her from top to bottom>

Pankaj: Why not? Can’t there be roles for fat women in our industry? Nonsense! In fact that should be the subject of your movie.

Vikas: Hmmm…<imagining the undressing climax in the end>

Sanah: Daddy, can we go to London to make the movie? I have to shop for my XXXL clothes.

Pankaj: Sure beta. Vikas, sun rahe ho na?

Vikas: Done sir!

And then….



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  1. What stupid and derogatory writing in the name of a review is this?? …making fat jokes? seriously? you guys were calling the makers of pyar ka panchnama 2 of being sexist etc and what rubbish are you coming up? ..grow up please!

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