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Rocky Handsome

A senseless barrage of flesh, blood and steel, Rocky Handsome is a surprisingly shoddy and tacky film from the director who made Mumbai Meri Jaan. The film is a remake of one of Korea’s highest grossing film – The Man From Nowhere – but it is unlikely to replicate its success, or even come close to it.

The idea was for it to be an out and out bloodfest, but releasing it in a country where such extremes are probably going to be censored out, the film becomes a pale shadow of what the makers may have intended. The film is cut awkwardly, with scenes beginning from the middle at times. John Abraham’s backstory is one of those uninspiringly clichéd tracks that take the movie even lower. But perhaps the most difficult part to watch is the lead actor attempting to bulldoze through the film with his bulky, brawny frame. Playing expressionless and actually being one are two different things, but it the distinction is lost on him as he clumsily wades his way to playing an ex-cop on a mission to save a child he barely knows.

The blame for this torrid mess lies squarely on the shoulders of the director. Playing the villain – literally, he is also cast as the main antagonist in the film – he botches up what should have been a ruthless entertainer, leaving us a bad taste and nothing else.


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