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Katti Batti

A good romantic comedy still has certain elements that it cannot do without – a likable lead pair to carry the story, an engaging love track with memorable romantic moments, some crackling chemistry and enjoyable banter between the two sexes, and an uplifted mood post the film. Unfortunately, Katti Batti has none of these.

This is one of those films where everything that can go wrong has. Scene after scene makes you wonder what were the makers thinking? This  story of a free spirited young woman (yes, Kangna Ranaut, who else?!) who dumps her live in boyfriend (Imran Khan) by fighting with him and wanting him to hate her because she realizes she has the big C is stuck in a  time warp that has no connection with today. A small note to filmmakers – merely using Facebook, twitter or the mobile phone and depicting a live-in relationship  with some trendy costumes – doesn’t make a film contemporary. It’s sensibilities and treatment have to be one with the times.

Shoddy writing, inane, juvenile and implausible sequences, badly fleshed out and inconsistent characters, average to poor performances, and a weak narrative flow that plods on and on with a big cop out towards the end – all play their part in sinking the film big time. When a film fails in its storytelling, even the occasional Kissiya number or some polished camerawork (Tushar Kanti Ray) fail to keep it afloat.

A fellow reviewer described the film in one word while playing on the title. Tatti! Well, what can I say? Sadly, it’s true. A total misfire from Nikhil Advani.


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