Need to Know?

After Shah Rukh Khan had his shoulder surgery,  he called a press conference and gave the media all details, which, the public ostensibly needs to be informed about.

He could have, if he wanted to, not even told anyone outside of his inner circle, gone abroad and had the surgery done quietly. But then, look at all the opportunity for media space and sympathy lost (especially after his latest release did not turn out to be a blockbuster).

A star’s health is not really a matter of national concern, and he or she doesn’t have to announce every sneeze, cough and muscle pull to the media; or send out a press release every time they cut/grow their hair or lose/gain weight.

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The public wants to know, is the argument.  Maybe some do, but what about the majority that does not think that John Abraham appearing in public with a love bite on his neck is national news—yet it was all over some news channels on TV a few days ago.

To be fair to Shah Rukh, he is always open and courteous towards the media, but there are other stars who profess to hate the attention, pour scorn over the media, but when there’s a film coming up all details of their private lives are hung out to dry like the washing outside suburban flats.

Has privacy, decency and discretion just been chucked into the garbage bin because every bit of publicity counts, marketing is the buzz word,  and a star’s worth is measured not only in box-office collections but the amount of newsprint and air time he/she can get? Don’t newspaper readers or TV viewers ever wonder how the media gets wind of every move a star makes?  Mostly from the star’s PR machinery, while the star pretends indifference to those media insects scavenging outside their gates.

Some film and TV actors are stars not because they are giving hits, but because their shenanigans are always in the news.  They live out their lives in full public view and when they are asked a question about their latest partners or last misdemeanor, sniff, “I don’t talk about my private life… I have a right to my privacy.”  Indeed, but go look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary first, and if you can’t read, ask a flunky to do it for you.

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  1. Deepa

    In the Mumbai Times, at regular intervals there appear articles on one Ashish Roy. Sometimes with his picture. Now this gent , with due respect is neither the SRK of TV or the Naseeruddin Shah of TV. You ask a million TV viewrs if they know Ashish Roy, I am sure none will say yes. Obviously he has some jigri dost in the Mumbai Times.

    I think silly journos are as responsible for this ‘ entalechuaal atyaachaar’ on readers and viewers.

  2. Batul… Gof forbid..

    Cubbu: Unfortunately true.. but the media claims the public wants this.. it’s a chicken and egg situation.

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