Upperstall.com is a leading online reference website for classic and contemporary Indian cinema. In 2004, TIME Magazine proclaimed it as one of the top three film websites in the world. It was launched on July 7, 2000, heralding the 104th anniversary of the first ever motion picture screening in India at the Watson Hotel in Bombay.

A note on the film reviews and ratings: Unlike most film reviewers and websites, Upperstall rates its films on an scale that is relative to the best and worst rated movies.

Upperstall was founded by Karan Bali, Karan Anshuman, and Saumil Gandhi.


  • Got to know about this site thru an article in a prominent daily, wherein postcards of archival value were printed. I am in possession of original picture cards of films from 1930s and 40s that definitely have archival value. Any platform where I can exhibit them safely?