to poo or not to poo

While I do understand the need for dog-owners to have dogs, and the need for dogs to defecate, I cannot understand the need for dog owners to have their dogs defecate on a public road. The sight of a dog defecating in the open is only a little less unseemly than the sight of several men lined up on the highway, their bottoms towards you. Or worse still, their bottoms away from you.

Though it must be said, while the men, front or back, seem vulnerable, the dog gets away with impunity.

What I also don’t understand is why most dog owners don’t make any effort to train their dogs to defecate into a bit of mud. The dog could then do what it does naturally, i.e. hide its poo after it has been delivered. I cannot see how dog poo on a tar or cement road is going to vanish from sight until it is swept away by some poor conservancy worker. It is biodegradable yes, but not instantly combustible on exposure to the elements.

Dog poo smells as bad as human poo, and I don’t fancy putting my foot into it.

I wish dog owners would carry bags and rake up their dog’s poo, like they do in Paris and other civilized parts of the world.

But then, a public road in Bumm-Bumm-Bhole-Land is meant for all kinds of things, sleeping, delivering babies, selling books, flowers, balloons, mops, dusters, water, peanuts and all other manner of big and small things, selling bodies, defecating, urinating, bathing, washing clothes, living, cattle rearing, elephant journeys, drying fish, drying papads, drying hair, drying bones, dying, begging, bribing, living, fighting, f@#*ing (where did you think the babies came from)?

What is a bit of dog poo in all this?


  • Actually in Paris they aren’t very good about it either ;-) The sign of a good dog owner is one who carries plastic bags at all times! I am not above offering to share with other dog owners who have “forgotten” theirs.

  • Exactly- but then I dont like it when there’s dog poo on my bit of street .I wish the owners would go mess up theie part of bum bum bhole land and Im very vocal about it. BTW – when is Dhanno back ?

  • Pal, thanks!

    Memsaab, yes, it’s the least they could do! Though of course, there are the strays too. Who wipes up behind them?

    Eve’s lungs, Dhanno will be back after a week, then she will be at her grandmother’s in Baroda, then her aunt’s at Surat, so yes, maybe, the end of the month. :-(

  • and these bleeding hearts that feed strays randomly on streets…! WTF! One such well fed stray almost got a piece of my leg by chasing and literally jumping into my auto rikshaw at night. I don’t like him!

  • Oops! Much as I hate to admit it, Dhanno is one of those bleeding hearts. She loves dogs, and they love her, and she’s had a huge part to play in nurturing those generations outside our building. She not only feeds them, but at times, deems it imperative that they get their dose of attention and tender, loving care.

    That also means the strays come bounding up to me with the same expectations, probably because they can smell her on me.

  • Good for her! :-) Although India really needs to take spaying and neutering strays much more to heart. I know, it’s expensive…but it would make a huge difference to quality of life for people and dogs alike…

  • Monty Python have an interesting take on this in the flying circus.

    Aliens are monitoring us from the skies. They see men following dogs by a leash, and from time to time getting down on all fours and scraping their poo off the pavement and shoveling it into plastic bags. Who is the more evolved being ? With whom should the ‘contact’ be made ? :)

  • I hate dog poo. I hate dogs (and humans) defecating in public. But we’re supposed to kindly adjust…

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